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Blue Scorpion Venom is designed to give you some information about the ground-breaking cancer treatment emanating from the Caribbean Island of Cuba. This website is a compliment to which has offered Cuban medical treatment for tourists including Blue Scorpion Venom, since 1998. Should you wish to travel to Cuba we highly recommend using Havanatur and should you have any questions, please contact us at CubanHealth or using the chat on that website.

Alternative cancer treatments

Escozul Cancer

Alternative cancer treatment

Hundreds of cancer patients from all over the world travel annually to the Caribbean Island of Cuba to obtain the ESCOZUL treatment. Many people have been healed with the ESCOZUL or at least their life quality has improved considerably although until the moment, there is no scientific publication that endorses the anti-carcinogenic properties of the ESCOZUL. It is well known that the Cuban government is developing scientific researches to demonstrate the ESCOZUL properties. The research has been developed in LABIOFAM (Havana, Cuba). But the cancer patients cannot wait the end of the clinical trials and they decide to try with the ESCOZUL.

ESCOZUL is an alternative cancer treatment based on the blue scorpion venom. My wife who has breast cancer has been taking it for 4 months and the results are extremely positive, the tumor is stopped.

The ESCOZUL is a natural solution obtained from the venom of the blue scorpion Rhopalurus junceus. The blue scorpion exclusively inhabits Cuba and the properties of its venom were discovered more than 20 years ago.

The truth is that the ESCOZUL is healing cancer patients without side effects. The clinical trials undertaken in LABIOFAM are in phase 3. The ESCOZUL has shown very promissed results in laboratory mice. Actually, LABIOFAM has more than 2000 people who have been taking ESCOZUL for more than 4 years and they have survived cancer. But, at the same time there is a lot of misinformation and manipulation around the ESCOZUL treatment in Internet.

After reading all the information we could about the ESCOZUL, I have found this website where it is explicit explained the truth about the ESCOZUL. I strongly advice all the cancer patients to carefully read what it is said about this on our website. Later you can choose to try or not the ESCOZUL as an alternative cancer treatment

Escozul combating cancer

Escozul cancer treatment

Escozul Cancer treatment?

Escozul is the name given to the Cuban blue scorpion venom that has acquired a reputation in Spanish speaking countries for its anti-cancer effects. Some testimonies suggest that it is curative while others suggest that it has a beneficial impact in stopping cancer growth and even reducing the size of tumors in a wide range of cancers. Unfortunately, the real Escozul scorpion venom extract is in short supply and is only available from a few organizations in Cuba. Nonetheless, there are a number of places able to supply Escozul for varying sums of money. For further information on Escozul you should read the info on this website which was set up by patients who have used it successfully.

Cuba combating cancer

Blue Scorpion Venom

The second cause of death in Cuba is CANCER is, with approximately 18,900 deaths and 28,100 new cases per year.

In conjunction with Brazil, a South American giant in the sector, Cuba has cooperation programs for the production of medicaments which, without reducing their quality, are sold for less cost in world markets than those of the large international pharmaceutical industry.

National estimates confirm that the incidence of this disease in a country of 11 million inhabitants is on the rise due to phenomena such as addiction to tobacco and alcohol.

Cuba has developed a broad and successful biotechnological sector which, to a large extent, has directed research over the years to obtaining therapeutic vaccines and various treatments to combat the disease.

Aspects of Cuban scientific development include expanding the national production of oncological medicaments: cytostatics, support medicines and new biotechnological products.

National studies indicate that, on the basis of its anti-cancer medicaments and programs, Cuba has the potential of averting more than 10,000 new cases every year. Prevention campaigns play a significant role in reaching this objective.

Calls to quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption have been linked for a number of years to medical proposals for life style changes which can alleviate the incidence of malign tumors of the prostrate and colon.

But Cuba’s greatest hopes in combating cancer lie in its biotechnology industry, which has an excellent reputation in the world.

Last week this sector established agreements with China for the joint development of vaccines and other biotechnological products, which include bilateral action in relation to prevention, early diagnosis and the control of cancer.