Cuba combating cancer

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The second cause of death in Cuba is CANCER is, with approximately 18,900 deaths and 28,100 new cases per year.

In conjunction with Brazil, a South American giant in the sector, Cuba has cooperation programs for the production of medicaments which, without reducing their quality, are sold for less cost in world markets than those of the large international pharmaceutical industry.

National estimates confirm that the incidence of this disease in a country of 11 million inhabitants is on the rise due to phenomena such as addiction to tobacco and alcohol.

Cuba has developed a broad and successful biotechnological sector which, to a large extent, has directed research over the years to obtaining therapeutic vaccines and various treatments to combat the disease.

Aspects of Cuban scientific development include expanding the national production of oncological medicaments: cytostatics, support medicines and new biotechnological products.

National studies indicate that, on the basis of its anti-cancer medicaments and programs, Cuba has the potential of averting more than 10,000 new cases every year. Prevention campaigns play a significant role in reaching this objective.

Calls to quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption have been linked for a number of years to medical proposals for life style changes which can alleviate the incidence of malign tumors of the prostrate and colon.

But Cuba’s greatest hopes in combating cancer lie in its biotechnology industry, which has an excellent reputation in the world.

Last week this sector established agreements with China for the joint development of vaccines and other biotechnological products, which include bilateral action in relation to prevention, early diagnosis and the control of cancer.